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Kellie Arndt Photography


Chilco Peak | Couple's Adventure Session

September 21, 2017






















This was the third time we made it to the summit of Chilco Peak, and hands down my favorite. We took turns toting a backpack and our adventure baby in her carrier up the mountain, to be rewarded with one of my favorite views in North Idaho.

This has to be one of my favorite things to do ever. Climbing. Sweating, trekking, laughing along the way. Feeling those little baby legs drumming a happy dance on my back. Grabbing my hubby's hand at the top and just looking. Drinking in all the beauty of this majestic creation together, away from the crowds. And of course, slipping on a pretty dress at the top. Is that just me? I feel like that should be a thing. #summitglamor is a now a thing, people! Pack those make-you-feel-stunning dresses on your back and get you to the mountains with your love. Don't wait for a special occasion. Just do it. Better yet, let me come along and snap your #summitglamor session. We will have the best time, though I can't promise I won't break any bones, like I did this particular evening.


On the way down the mountain, dusk closing in, we were jogging at a pretty good pace when I suddenly lurched and came up sharply with a yelp. It just felt like a good stub, and I shook it off to keep jogging, but minutes later we pulled off my Vibram and I had to admit a toe was broken. We managed to tiptoe off the mountain in time for sunset. What should have taken 6 weeks to heal turned into closer to 12 because I kept re-breaking it, mostly doing Karate clumsily. Lesson here; it's perfectly possible to maintain your regular rhythm of life with a broken toe! That doesn't mean you should, however. I'm still deciding if sparring was worth it. 


It was.


I slipped on this new custom fit wrap dress from gifted from eshakti for this little summitglamor shoot, because truly, I have a medical inability to hike to picturesque locations without trying to fit in a fashion/editorial/couple's session and smuggle the entire wardrobe on my back. I don't ever want to be cured.


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