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Kellie Arndt Photography



- for couples - 


Before you start filling out this questionnaire, take a moment to think about all your favorite moments spent together as a couple. What are the things you want to remember 10, 20, 30 years from now? Is it waking up together & spending that little extra time cuddling, is it reading, or dancing, or making breakfast together? Is it going for a drive, exploring your favorite trail?  Whatever it is make a note of it and let's make sure to document it.  Lifestyle sessions focus on actual moments as they happen. They’re authentic, truthful and real-time. Marriage is this beautiful mess of wonderful things but it can also be selfless, hard work.  I passionately believe that capturing these intimate moments and all the little things you love about the one you're married to as a physical heirloom to hold and look at will make your bond stronger.  You can see those moments hanging in the hall on the days that are hard and they will remind you of how far you've come and why it's all worth it. 


This questionnaire will help us start putting together an activity list and somewhat of a schedule for our time together. Don't worry about your house being the cleanest it's ever been, you still want your house to feel like home. You just want things to be tidy and not too cluttered in the rooms we will be using. The important thing is not to stress!  Also, throw open your curtains and open all the blinds, I use all natural light when shooting so this is very important.  Depending on the light available I might do a little directing as far as where we do our activities while still trying to keep moments as authentic as possible.  Remember these sessions are all about the two of you, so I want you to focus on each other.  Don't even feel like you have to look at the camera... & don't worry, I'll be there to give direction when needed.  Here is a link to my "In-Home Inspiration Board" on Pinterest to give you idea of what this type of session can look like.  


We will have plenty of time together for outfit changes if need be.  We can always start out in the home doing a few activities and then change into something a little different and go outside.  It all depends on what it is you want to capture while I'm with you.  My top tip: just wear something that is comfortable and you feel beautiful in! For in-home sessions I recommend light neutral colors (all colors have a neutral; for example a neutral blue would be navy, or a neutral yellow would be mustard), textures are great, too... lacey, drape-y, sweaters... I also love chunky blankets/throws if you have any laying around! For activities outside, long flowing dresses rule! The movement they create give images the MOST romantic feel.  (Obviously if we will be doing an activity that requires a certain type of outfit that's totally fine too.) Again, here is a link to my "In-Home Inspiration Board" on Pinterest to give you idea of what clothing works fabulously for this type of session.


Your session length is typically around 2 hours. Above all else, I want you guys to be able to relax and be yourselves around me. We may just chat for a bit before we start shooting to get warmed up. I want you to enjoy each activity you do as a couple, so just relax and have fun!  Don't rush.  Enjoy the moment and above all, BE in the moment. You don't have to worry about me trying to tell your story, I just want to listen.